We have arrived.

Hi! We’re Francesca and Lilly aka the UltraViolet Tribe.

We live in Los Angeles and Hawaii respectively. Lilly teaches yoga. Francesca takes yoga. We both write poetry and prose and essays, teach and raise two children whom we are madly in love with. We are also kind of madly in love with each other. Don’t worry, Lilly’s husband is aware. We’re just best friends.

We met at Antioch University, Los Angeles and it was love at first sight. We kept reading each other’s minds and running into each other wherever we went. Francesca visited Lilly in Hawaii in December of 2013. We sat by a pool by the sea and talked about writing. We walked in the sand. We ate bento boxes by the hotel pool. We never wanted the day to end.

To keep from perishing with loneliness without each other, we began to write a poem a day back and forth via email. We have done this every day for two months and are continuing to do it. Now we know each other even better and love each other even more. It’s kinda sick. You should try this poetry exchange (or photo, drawing, song, etc. exchange) with someone you trust and want to know better.

We’re on a journey to find the rest of our tribe through the sharing of poetry.

Is that you?  If so, join us!

Submissions welcome: ultraviolettribe@gmail.com

Francesca and Lilly

Francesca Lia Block, Photo by Nicolas Sage
FullSizeRender copy
Lilly Barels



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