Soul Circle by FLB

we were talking about the size of the universe
and my green eyed boy said this:
“there just can’t be that many souls
“we have to be parts of the same ones, right?”

that’s exactly what i believe
i knew it when i met my babies
i even knew before
i met the one i didn’t bring to term
i knew it when my mother died
(though i wasn’t always sure when she was here)
i knew it with my lilly
i knew it when i met my bird
and the gentle ex-con
and the little goddess
and you, when i looked into the deep set blue
though you might not recognize me yet
(i hope, i hope you do)

i seem to be meeting more parts now
as if  things are accelerating
and we’re all hurtling
into becoming


For Ever by LB

feather pink skin
dusk gray eyes
copper highlights and peach tufts
fingers long and slender–
they’ve played piano scales
toes pointed with ballerina arches–
they’ve danced on many stages
you’ve been here before
but never within my reach
I’ve been waiting
and now when you fall asleep
I touch your paintbrush eyelashes
your opalescent lips
the curve of your cheek
and stare until you wake.


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