on the radio was a story about a lady who died of breast cancer
she suggested that everyday we find something beautiful to share
and if we can’t find something beautiful
create it
just like you and i are doing
and today i was driving home
past a school fence with old clambering wisteria vines
purple blossoms hanging in the sun
and a cherry tree
gussied up in pink
but i was in a rush
and didn’t stop to take a picture
except with my mind
for you



last night
as i was going to sleep
i thought:
maybe we should post music too
for every poem
for every photo
we include a song
or lyrics to a song
something that represents the photo or the poem
in a different way
i made a mental note
to text you
then i dreamt of golden fish
swimming through the grainy sky
of rainbows swirling in a lake
of your daughter pushing mine on a swing
while our boys skipped smooth black rocks
we were cold
there was snow on the mountains in the distance
and when i woke
i checked my phone
you sent me lyrics
to a song

– LB


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