i don’t really like to socialize in the normal way
i don’t want to spend money
to stand around in uncomfortable shoes
drinking alcohol and  talking about nothing

today my living room was full of women and one man who wanted to learn about writing
the sun came in and made the room a creamy yellow color
a little cone of incense was burning
amber which i’m discovering is one of my favorite scents
i don’t have to wear business clothes or heels
i don’t have to spend any money
i don’t need anything except my mind and my eyes
writers talk about real things
like love and death and sex and pain
i don’t want to talk about nothing
ever again



when i run
i feel the wind diffuse
through my body
like the molecules of oxygen
have a secret power
capable of changing me
from earth to air
my feet stopping touching down
and i lift
i’m not certain if it’s sweat
or tears
that wet my cheeks
to take all impurity
back to the source
i forget me
i forget me
and i can be animalistic

– LB


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