My eyes were yellow yesterday
From the dye
Used to find the stray
Contact lens that had slid
Up beneath my eyelid
For the last four days
Like a witch’s nail
Reminding me of that time when my retina
Split in half
The doc removed the plastic shred
With a forceps bitter and long
He said “don’t move now”
I’m a very good patient
Obedient as fuck
Holding back my screams
Loneliness is waiting
In a dim exam room
Where you were once told
You’d gone blind
And didn’t even know



yellow eyes
in the shadows
the darkest black
like the deepest ocean
they don’t blink
and i stare back
there’s a trill up my spine
and i stare back
everything moves
the gaze
the energy between us
the potential

– LB


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