i just had a phone call with a man from tinder
we have a date next monday
he sounds too good to be true
spiritual, well-read, handsome
i don’t know what to wear when i meet him
i will try to wear some heels just for that night
i hope i can walk
and i’m getting my hair done on saturday
i hope it will last
he’s only seen my hot internet pictures
i’m afraid he’ll be disappointed
and not ask me out again
or ask me out and get close
and dump me like kevin did
i feel like i have to play games
the whole thing feels terrifying
i just want to marry you



the weekend
is a skinny bitch with zebra leggings
that yanks out my hair
and unties my shoelaces
she chuckles when i fall
sends her cousins over
without telling me first
and they drive way too fast up our road
throwing brick red dirt into the air
smudging the windows i just cleaned
and they never leave
just eat my farmer’s market finds
put their sandy feet on my couch
she smirks when i hide
in my closet
dialing your number
because she knows
we won’t actually be able to talk

– LB


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