i am waiting
for directors
and editors
and lovers
and money
and sex
and hawaii
and surgery
and sleep
and to write my blog
and beautiful shoes that don’t hurt
and an orgasm during intercourse
and a cure for cancer
and to meet ever
and to see your face



We are on the brink of a move
boxes stacked
ready to be filled
kitchen utensils in piles
pantry goods lined up on the countertop
organized puzzles
with a piece missing here
a yellow tractor with three wheels there
feathery pillows and dusty books
everything waits to be loaded
into the small cardboard frames
everything wants to be unpacked
into the big home
with the stained wood pocket doors
that open to a grassy courtyard
with a jungle gym
with a trampoline
maybe someone can do it for me
wave a magic wand
sprinkle a pink powdery potion
maybe someone can pack me
I’ll fold onto myself
I promise I can fit into the cardboard box in the corner
it would be perfect
just let me hop inside
and then send me somewhere completely different
maybe into the woods
or onto the hot white sand
you choose
and then please join me?

– LB


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