Guest Poet Series: Day 7– Chloe Yester

When you drive all 10 miles of Round Top on accident cause you’re lost but then you end up really liking it and you open all your windows and let the air burn your eyes til it pushes tears out the corners and they’re rolling down your cheeks til you taste them in your mouth and they’re bittersweet not salty cause everything is mixed up and changing and the music is loud but you make it louder and you take off your seat belt and pretend your car has no brakes til you’re flying down the winding hill and the rush makes your heart beat fast but then you pull over because all the plumeria are in full bloom so you climb a tree and scrape your knees so you can smell them and the milky white sap makes your hands sticky and you breathe in everything around you and remember that no other day will ever be like this again, but you’re not sure if you’re happy or you’re sad or if you love it or you hate it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetChloe Yester is a nurse with a purse.  Follow her:


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