Sweet Wild Blue World — Sherry Barker Abaldo

Sweet Wild Blue World

by Sherry Barker Abaldo

wuthering heights
reached once on a spinning
jet sky night

after, they didn’t know
what to do – how to leave
how to stay

there was nothing to say
bread, red wine in the morning,
tissues like wet clouds

dreams that grew bodies
a tart change in the weather
time snapping back on itself

like a snake in a garden
of the sweet wild blue world
they both knew

or thought they knew
it all came back to haunt them
just like people warned

but they wanted it to
bring on the ghosts
cut open the skin of the night

tear the veil off god’s face
there’s no putting it back
only the quivering


One thought on “Sweet Wild Blue World — Sherry Barker Abaldo

  1. Sherry is gaining great ground as a poet, having given herself permission to step outside the “mom-box” to claim her rightful space in the world of words. The poem is a wonderful example of not only a mind at work, but a heart at work.

    Carol Bachofner, Poet Laureate of Rockland Maine


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