Atlantic — Cylie Marshall


by Cylie Marshall


Time. Distance.
What does “one in the same”
Perhaps now I know.
Tug and pull and sinking…
Sinking… sinking…

Move along,
Move with the wind.
Wind brushes one cheek,
Six hours later, misses another.
Waves, though,
The same waves.
Sinking… sinking…

Flesh swells more.
What did “I promise”
Perhaps I will never find out.
Bulge and calm and sinking…
Sinking… sinking…

Moon and stars and sun
Offer console,
But do they really?
No, time does not allow,
Nor does distance.
One in the same.
Sinking… sinking…

Memories swim along.
What would “I love you”
Truly mean?
Perhaps I never knew before.
Beneath the cold and rain, sinking…
Sinking… sinking…


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