BALM BOMB BLAME PSALM — Sherry Barker Abaldo


by Sherry Barker Abaldo

I.   Balm

if you can   open like a lily

this time there is

no rush   no

need to know what

you are doing

it is all already

done somehow

you are moving

from the lap of one god

to another’s mouth


II.   Bomb

do this violently

like tweezing

pulling a weed

hitting send

move it or lose it

unleash the scream

alive inside

you since you

were an egg


rinse   repeat


III.   Blame

is a snake

in guilt’s armor

don’t listen to

his whispers of you

in bed at night

don’t want

to hold on to his


run away on

your mind’s fine legs

don’t feed him either


IV.   Psalm

if you have to name

one thing

what are you

most thankful for?

you may hate

it   or whom   but this still

defines your womb essence

speak now your answer

to why grass greens

how oceans iridesce blues

what   or whose name   you will die with

on your lips



Featured Image by Christen Vidanovic


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