Cold Moon Lullaby — Amy Freeman

Cold Moon Lullaby

by Amy Freeman

Now the indigo night has settled,
Over the city and the fields
Like your grandfather’s old black topcoat
When he used to wrap it around you
In the cold night
When there were still miles to travel til home,
The heavy, pipe-smelling wool
Putting all your fears to bed.
Listen closely, and you can hear the night breathe
As the earth slumbers.
Animals in their nests of straw and hedge
Dream innocent dreams,
Dreams of milk and mother,
And of running fast on a sunny day.
A blameless skein of cloud,
White as the opal moon,
As the belly the mackerel shows to the ocean floor,
Floats soundlessly above us
Like a giant’s deli platter in the sky,
And you roll over in your sleep,
Winning an internal argument
With an invisible adversary.
My love,
Write down your worries–
I’ll put them in a lacquered box
Carved out of cinnabar,
Its walls so slippery
That no trouble could ever climb out
To bother you again.

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